Um die Ecke


The design proposal Anton-Ree-Weg corner Bullerdeich and the roof extension on top of the Zählerwerk can be seen as a unit, aesthetically but also spatially. The compact structure of the corner building marks the head of the northeast corner of the Kraftwerk Bille ensemble like an architectural sculpture.

The design concept proposes a building block, which is carved out of a solid material such as concrete. The new building will float above the existing preserved façade and also form a unit with it. Towards the rear side of the building, the facade is closed, forming a spectacular canyon-like courtyard with the adjacent existing buildings. Towards the street-side, the façade opens up with a vertical mullions system structuring the facade with a variant in density depending on the orientation of the building. The design aims to have different facades around the building, establishing an interplay between open/ transparent and closed/massive elements, as such creating a subtle differentiation between the new building and the existing buildings and their context.






  • Client:  MIB Kraftwerk Bille GmbH
  • Location:  Hamburg, Germany
  • Year:  2016
  • Task:  Concept corner building and roof extension
  • Status:  Concept phase
  • Programme:  Mixed used, Office, Hotel
  • Area:  7000 m 2 GFA