Street Art Museum Hamburg


The “Museum of Street Art Hamburg” is intended to store and exhibit a large private collection of contemporary street art. The elongated spatial structure of the museum and the exhibition space stretches from Bullerdeich, along the railway line into the depth of the property all the way to the river Bille to the rear. Visitors will be guided into the dark Trafohalle, which functions as the entrance hall to the museum. From there, visitors will then be drawn into the upper levels of naturally lit exhibition spaces by a large sculptured steel staircase.

The museum is divided into three parts. The upper floors host large naturally lit exhibition spaces. On the lower floors, there will be a café and a bar in the rear area with access to the river Bille and the entrance hall to the front. Adjacent to the café, there will be an art storage, visually connected to the public.

The design interventions aim to distinguish and distance themselves from the existing structures, while preserving as much as possible of the original inventory and its charm. The new interventions will follow an aesthetic vision based on coexistence of opposites.





  • Client:  MIB Kraftwerk Bille GmbH
  • Location:  Hamburg, Germany
  • Year:  2016
  • Task:  Concept Street Art Museum
  • Status:  Concept phase
  • Programme:  Exhibition, Lobby, F&B, Art Storage
  • Area:  3200 m 2 GFA