RPRC Rwanda Peace & Reconciliation Center


Mekado is developing in collaboration with the Rwandan NGO CARSA (Christian Action for Reconciliation and Social Assistance) the architectural concept for the “Rwanda Peace and Reconciliation Centre” in Kigali, Rwanda. The Vision is to build a campus dedicated to learning and knowledge exchange on post-genocide healing and reconciliation. The aim is to build a learning center for Rwandans and foreigners on how to do peacebuilding and advocate reconciliation in the post-genocide setting. A knowledge exchange center to advance the narrative of hope and facilitate original and community-based research that furthers development and reconciliation in modern-day Rwanda. 
This center will be an innovative single space dedicated to furthering sustainable peace in Rwanda. The campus will comprise various facilities arranged around a central elevated community plaza and restaurant area which allows people to meet and dine while enjoying the beautiful view over the valleys. There will be a museum and gallery which will focus on the multiple dimension of post-genocide healing and development of both survivors and perpetrators via the exhibition of stories. The media center and digital archive will serve as a video studio and editing facility for the on-site production of personal stories related to post-genocide reconstruction. The learning center and library will serve as an educational hub for all those interested in post- genocide peacebuilding and restoration.  The conference venues will offer well-equipped facilities for events large and small. A wide range of events serving local, regional and international audience will be available.  The guest houses will allow visitors and other people interested in reconciliation to stay in this vibrant campus and to participate in various programs.  The campus will be embedded  in community gardens, developed and nurtured communally by local communities and people of the center. For further information on the work and programs by CARSA, please visit: www.carsaministry.org


















  • Client:  CARSA Christian Action for Reconciliation and Social Assistance
  • Location:  Kigali, Rwanda
  • Year:  2018
  • Task:  Development of a Learning and Reconciliation Center
  • Status:  Concept and project funding phase
  • Programme:  Library, Museum, Media Facilities, Conference Center and Accommodation
  • Area:  4500 m 2 GFA