Mountain hut


The design proposes an extremely adaptable and easy adjustable module for variable trekking sites, altitudes and number of occupants in the Himalaya Mountains of Nepal. The project employs a modular system – equally to a Swiss army knife – that can be clipped together, comprised of a series of pre-fabricated module ‘types’ such as living, sleeping and services. Nevertheless the project creates a continuous quality space inside that allows for group gathering, rather than using the modular concept to connect a series of separate chambers.

Additionally the concept places equal focus on the functional requirements as well as quality of experience within the scheme, as evidenced by the inclusion of the framed window module, which while not necessary to survive, would greatly contribute to the awe-inspiring experience of trekking in the Himalayas.

















  • Client:  Samarth, Nepal Market Development Programme
  • Location:  Himalaya Mountains, Nepal
  • Year:  2015
  • Task: Design Shelters to place along the Himalaya Trails
  • Status:  First Prize – Idea
  • Programme:  Shelter, sleeping, coocking, resting space
  • Area:  30-60 m 2 GFA
  • Team: – Davide Prioli, Dennj Avanzi, Andrea Mancini