Kraftwerk Bille


The vision for the Kraftwerk Bille ensemble foreshadows a sensitive conversion and revitalization of its individual buildings. A key concern of the redevelopment is to preserve its original charm as much as possible, while simultaneously creating good and modern conditions for its new tenants.

Moreover, some of the existing buildings will be complemented with contemporary extensions. The new interventions will follow an aesthetic vision based on the coexistence of opposites. This will support a subtle and minimalistic architectural aesthetic, complementing the existing buildings, while bringing them back to life.

The aim is to develop the Kraftwerk Bille ensemble into a production and exhibition centre for contemporary art and culture, a platform for interpersonal exchange.






  • Client:  MIB Kraftwerk Bille GmbH
  • Location:  Hamburg, Germany
  • Year:  2016
  • Task:  Concept Kraftwerk Bille
  • Status:  Concept phase
  • Programme:  Public space, offices, exhibition and event spaces
  • Area:  7000 m 2 GFA