Haus schwarz


The project “Haus Schwarz” is part of the overall development project “Charlottenblick” and is proposed as a solitaire apartment building, which will be oriented towards the valley side along Charlottenstraße. The design concept evolves around the duality of two distinctive sides and characters. Like a broken fruit, there will be a closed “shell side” and an open “fruit side”.

The rear mountainside of the building will be largely restrained with little windows and openings to ensure the necessary privacy to the neighbouring rear developments. In contrast, the front side of the building will open up towards the valley side with large panorama windows and terraces for views and orientation towards the sun.
The facades will be structured and cladded using a range of traditional architectural materials of the Black Forest region. The rear side will be cladded using small wooden shingles; as such the facade will have a character like a skin covering the rear side of the building. The front side will open up by large panoramic windows and an external supporting structure, which could be out of local wood.








  • Client:  Wagner Immobilien Consulting GmbH
  • Location:  Bad Wildbad, Germany
  • Year:  2015
  • Task:  Concept development apartment building
  • Status:  Concept and commercial validation
  • Programme:  Public space, offices, exhibition and event spaces
  • Area:  1200 m 2 GFA