Foča Town Memorial Pavilion

The Pavilion is part of the wider Foča Town Memorial Project developed to allow users and the local communities to learn about the rich multi-ethnic cultural and historical heritage. The virtual memory project revolves around the collection of historical information to be used in a database and mobile application app based on geolocation and Augmented Reality technologies.

The digitalized information will also be available at the Foča Museum as part of its permanent collection “Foča’s Heritage”, and in digitally empowered “Memory Walks” throughout the city along its historic sites.

Local volunteers from Foča/Foča-Ustikolina will be involved in building of the Memorial Pavilion and Wi-Fi Hotspot located in the damaged historical site of Mehmed Pasa Kukavica. The Hotspot will allow easy access to the memory app and its content database and serve as a meeting point on a historical location for the local youth from Foča/Foča-Ustikolina.


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  • Client:  Funding stage
  • Location:  Foča, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Year:  2016
  • Task:  Concept development
  • Status:  Concept phase
  • Programme:  Event pavilion and public space
  • Area:  300 m 2 GFA