Cherry on the cake

cherry 2

“Cherry on the cake” is a roof extension of a holiday apartment, built out of a lightweight prefabricated wooden structure on the roof of an existing apartment building from the 80’s located along the shoreline of the Adriatic Sea in Riccione.

The apartment is composed of two programmatic volumes. The east-facing volume contains two double bedrooms divided by a bathroom, while the second volume is oriented orthogonal and contains the living room and kitchen. The living room is defined by a big south-facing loggia; a second loggia is located in front of the entry on the north side of the roof facing the sea.

The programmatic building volumes and the loggias are grouped under a single flat roof aligned flush with the outside of the facades. The roof will be made accessible to have another roof terrace. The entire building will be cladded with aluminium sheets on the exterior.


160314 floorplan

160314 floorplan






  • Client:  Private
  • Location:  Riccione, Italy
  • Year:  2015
  • Task:  Design and built private residence
  • Status:  Implementation
  • Programme:  Residential
  • Area:  100 m 2 GFA